Raising Catholic Kids
Patti and Mark Armstrong

Patti and Mark Armstrong
Patti and Mark Armstrong live in North Dakota and are the parents of ten children, eight boys and two girls, including two adopted AIDS orphans from Kenya. Patti worked in the field of social work and public administration before staying full-time to raise her children. As a freelance writer, Patti has published more than 400 articles for both secular and religious publications. She has authored the book "Catholic Truths for Our Children" from Scepter Publishers (www.ScepterPublishers.org) as a guide to help parents pass on their Catholic faith, and serves as the managing editor and co-author of the Catholic best-selling Amazing Grace book series. Patti has been a guest on EWTN Television's "Live" program with Father Mitch Pacwa and Doug Keck's "Bookmark" program and other Catholic Radio programs around the country.

Mark Armstrong spent nearly 30 years as an award-winning broadcast journalist before serving as the Communications Executive for North Dakota's Workforce Safety & Insurance, the state's workers' compensation agency.


Mark and Patti Armstrong

Patti and Mark
Mark and Patti speak both individually on Catholic topics and as a couple of their marriage conversion.

Catholic Speakers

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On topics of Faith
Mark also uses a missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was blessed by Pope John Paul II during his visit to the Basilica in Mexico City in 1999. Mark acquired this digital reproduction on a trip to Mexico with their family during the couple's 25th wedding anniversary in June of 2006. This new talk centers on the story of St. Juan Diego and the parallels between our modern age and the Aztec culture. Click here to read more

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The Armstrongs


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